Committee Members

Edna Loosemore – Chairman

Catriona Edwards

“I started riding when I was 11 years old but didn’t have my own pony until I was 21. I currently own a 21 year old Fell Pony who has been with me for seventeen years. In the past I have had a go at most riding club activities but nowadays enjoy hacking in the countryside around Badbury Rings.”

Keith Caufield – Lawrence – Treasurer

Lynn Kelly – Vice Chair & Trainer Coordinator

Ben Caufield – Lawrence – Administrative Assistant

“I have been hooked since the age of three when I had my first riding lesson I gave been around horses ever since. Mainly hacking and pleasure rides but have recently been on my first competitive outings and loving the challenges that this brings. Hoping to get out and about and try a bit of everything”


Dave Loosemore – Web Admin