Committee Members

Anne Heyes – Joint Chairman

Joint Chair with Lisa Wickham.

“I am One of the founder members of EDRC. I have Had horses since my late teens. I have Bred probably 14+ and owned 24 over the years. Showing was my passion. I have done a bit of everything. Had the tee shirt, don’t need it now and have been running equine events for more than 30 years. I’m happy watching everyone “doing their thing now”!”

Lisa Wickham – Joint Chairman

Join Chair with Old Nag, Anne Heyes!

“Anne introduced me to this brilliant club 3 years ago. I have Had horses and shown successfully for many years. I’ve bred several, two of which I still have. I run Hurnbridge Equestrian Centre, home of the club.”

Keith Lawrence – Treasurer

Edna Loosemore – Secretary


Lynn Kelly – Training Officer

Catriona Edwards – Membership Secretary

“I started riding when I was 11 years old but didn’t have my own pony until I was 21. I currently own a 21 year old Fell Pony who has been with me for seventeen years. In the past I have had a go at most riding club activities but nowadays enjoy hacking in the countryside around Badbury Rings.”

Charlotte Ayres – Events Secretary


“I have been on the committee of EDRC since it started and I’m now the entries/events secretary. I started sitting on ponies and riding when i was one and have continued to do so. Showing is what i love to do, from riding Arabs to riding side saddle to showing Welsh section A’s/natives in hand and ridden. When I’m not out showing, I’ll be out having fun hunting.”

Ben Ansell – Committee Member

“I have been hooked since the age of three when I had my first riding lesson I gave been around horses ever since. Mainly hacking and pleasure rides but have recently been on my first competitive outings and loving the challenges that this brings. Hoping to get out and about and try a bit of everything”

Monic Clapcott – Committee Member


Leandra Francis – Committee Member

Leandra Francis” I started riding when I was about 3 years old, I own a gelding called Spirit and two New Forest colts called Rio and Casper, my main passion is showjumping however we have a go at all disciplines. I also enjoy being part of the EDRC teams! “

Katie Kenchington – Committee Member

I’ve been around horses for around 7 years however, I’ve only started consistently riding in the last 18 months. I have a retired heavyweight cob called Jake, my miniature Shetlands, Mabel & Boris, and I currently share a 13.2hh cob, also called Jake. I only do showing and flatwork bits at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be on the EDRC dressage team in the coming years.

Lynn Kenchington – Committee Member

Lynn Kenchington” I started riding when I was about 5 years old, however when I was 18 I took a break of 20 years away from horses. I bought my first horse when I was 38 but I haven’t ridden for over two years due to my nerve taking a one way trip. I enjoy watching and supporting others and just being around “horses”.

Sophie Blunt – Committee MemberSophie Blunt“I have been riding since I was about 11years old and have always had a passion for horses. I own a gelding called Otis who is a lovely chap! a We enjoy a bit of everything but our favourite is cross country! I currently compete between 70/80cm show jump and 80/90cm cross country”

Hayley Williams – Committee Member

” I started riding when I was 10 and own my lovely boy Harry. We compete in dressage, SJ and XC and love one day events. We’ve been part of the EDRC teams since the club started which I thoroughly enjoy. ”

Katrina West – Committee Member

“I’ve been riding since I was in early teens, took a break whilst bringing up 4 children! Crazy eh? I’m now the lucky owner of 2 gorgeous geldings , owned Jasper for 11 years and after a successful competitive time with us (competed by Daughter Hayley) has now retired at 22 ish and enjoying the quieter life. Not wanting to be without a horse to ride I decided to buy a youngster and haven’t look back. Dodger my gypsy/cob x. Bought unbroken as a 4yr old last July is coming on fabulously. My aim to be a better rider (loads of lessons) and compete at very low level. Being a maturer rider and never competed an achievement it would be.”